Wano Aftermath! Who are The New Emperors of The Sea

Wano Aftermath! Who are The New Emperors of The Sea

In the aftermath of two of the biggest fights that we have seen in One Piece thus far, two Yonko were defeated and are presumably dead as of this moment, having fallen inside an active volcano.

 Emperors of the Sea in a volcano

With two of the longest standing powerhouses of the One Piece universe out of the picture, there are two vacant Yonko seats that were promptly filled by the World Government by the two Pirates they find the most threatening.

 One Piece Luffy Nika Laughing

It comes to no ones surprise that after defeating the "World's Strongest Creature" and the reveal that he holds a a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit so threatening to the Government that they have been trying and failing to acquire it for the last 800 years, Monkey D Luffy has finally been crowned as one of the Yonko.

 One Piece Buggy Yonko


What came to everyone's surprise though was that Buggy the Clown has also joined the ranks of the Yonko. Buggy has surely gained more influence and notoriety behind the scenes, which has officially made him one of the Emperors of the Sea. 

 These are the official New Emperor of the Seas

One Piece New Emperors of the Sea

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