The Shichibukai System is Officially Abolished

The Shichibukai System is Officially Abolished

During the Levely, due to the actions of Crocodile and Doflamingo having brought tragedy to two government-allied kingdoms, the representatives of the World Government’s member nations voted to officially dissolve the Shichibukai system.

The remaining five Shichibukai had their statuses revoked, and Marine fleets were sent to attack at least four of piece anime marine

Koby is on his way to Amazon Lily to capture Boa Hancock. Hancock tells her subjects not to worry as she is confident in the Kuja Tribe’s strength.

Boa Hancock one piece anime

Vice Admiral Stainless’ fleet confronts Buggy’s Delivery, making Buggy furious at this turn of events. Buggy is put in a precarious situation, being forced to abandon his position and run away, ruining his dream of free plundering. So Buggy orders his men to prepare to fight but secretly plans to flee by himself.

Buggy One piece anime blog

A fleet of Marine ships also arrive in Kuraigana Island to arrest Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk grows excited at becoming a wanted criminal again.

Mihawk one piece anime

On an island in the New World, Edward Weevil is surrounded by Marines.Whitebeard one piece anime

How will these developments unfold?

Boa Hancock will obviously look to join Luffy.

luffy anime one piece

Mihawk may still go solo, he is supposed to be one of the strongest characters in the series, but it would also makes sense if he enters into a “formal” alliance with the Red Hair Pirates.

mihawk shanks yonko one piece anime

Buggy is a wildcard, he could end up joining anybody, he would certainly look for shelter, in my opinion he could end up joining Luffy, Shanks or Blackbeard.

blackbeard anime one piece


Weevil is another wildcard, but he will most likely join Blackbeard.

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