The Newest Strawhat Confirmed

The Newest Strawhat Confirmed

From the first time Yamato was introduced into the story there has been a lot of speculation about them joining the Strawhat Crew and it is not difficult to understand why. Yamato has been one of the most exciting, fun and peculiar characters to follow throughout the whole Wano Saga. Well it has finally been confirmed Yamato is officially joining the Strawhat Crew in chapter 1051 of the manga. 

One Piece Yamato Kozuki Oden


Yamato is Kaido's child and is known as the Demon Princess of the Beast Pirates.Yamato witnessed Oden's death at a young age and was enthralled by his bravery, loyalty and above all, his unwavering spirit. Not only that but Oden symbolizes Yamato's dream. Similarly to Yamato, Oden was also constrained to Wano because of his lineage, however he never gave up and in the end he was able to travel the world and live amazing adventures in one of the most epic journeys one can ask for. After reading his journal, Yamato's idolization of Oden lead to them, emulating Oden and actually identifying as the legendary samurai.

Yamato oden one piece

Despite their rebellious spirit for many years Yamato lived a rather confined life as Kaido's heir with no way to actually realize their dream. A dream whose embers was reignited by Yamato's encounter with Portgass D Ace.

 Yamato Ace One Piece

In the short time they spent together they became good friends. Yamato loved listening to Ace's stories about the outside world, which was the first time they heard about Luffy.

 Yamato Ace One Piece

Still unable to remove their shackles for many years, Yamato met with Luffy and the Strawhats at Onigashima. As expected, Luffy finished what his older brother had started by liberating Yamato from their shackles.

 Yamato Luffy Shackles One Piece

Yamato was one of the strongest and most reliable allies that Luffy had throughout the Onigashima Raid and played a crucial role in the final result by holding back Kaido alone when it was needed for a respectable amount of time.

 Yamato vs Kaido

What Yamato Brings to the Table

Yamato is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit user having eaten the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, which allows them to become a wolf deity with Ice Powers on top of the power up that  Zoan Devil fruits gives to their users. Additionally, they are very strong in terms of both physicality and haki and they also know how to use Kaido's techniques. All this makes Yamato one of the strongest Straw Hats.

Yamato strong

The most important thing that Yamato will bring to the story though is something else entirely. Simply put it is the early one piece vibe. The excitement, the child-like awe and wonder and the a tremendous sense of adventure that needed to be reinstated to the Strawhat Crew after all the difficulties they have been through. With most of the characters being more mature after the time skip and Luffy being the liberator Joy boy with all the responsibility that this will entail in the future, Yamato being so similar to early One Piece  Luffy certainly will play help maintain the "character" of the Strawhat Crew that we all love so much.

 One Piece Yamato and Luffy

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