The Berserk Manga Will Continue!

The Berserk Manga Will Continue!

After Kentaro Miura's tragic passing in 2021, the majority of fans of the iconic manga series "Berserk" were absolutely certain that the manga would never reach its conclusion. Surprinsgly that is not the case, Berserk is back.

Berserk Guts


On June 7, the publisher Hakusensha reported that  Berserk would be making its return to their Young Animal magazine. The legendary dark fantasy title will be published in Young Animal's 13th issue from June 24, with the news being revealed on the Berserk's official Twitter account.

Berserk Continue

Currently, the magazine is set to release six chapter to finalize the Elf Island arc, before moving to a new arc. Reportedly, storylines, new characters and plot points were shared by Miura with his best friend/consultant Kouji Mori and his trusted assistants. Mori will be supervising the project collaborating with Studio Gaga (Miura's team) seeking to bring Miura's life work to conclusion, while respecting his wishes and vision. The announcement highlights that it is impossible for Miura's assistants and his confidant to recreate a manuscript that will perfectly capture Miura's vision, but assures fans that every decision made by the team will be on the basis of it having been discussed with Miura before his passing. 

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