Shanks has arrived - Going after the One Piece? - OP chapter 1054

Shanks has arrived - Going after the One Piece? - OP chapter 1054

In the latest chapter of One Piece, the Red Hair Pirates are shown to be waiting outside of Wano.


The crew can’t wait to see Luffy after all this time and suggest it to Shanks.

After reminiscing on the past, with a flashback of the first chapter of the story, which will make every One Piece fan, have that warm feeling in their belly.


 Shanks decided that the timing is not right for him to meet Luffy.

After which we learn that Bartolomeo has invaded one of the islands that is under the territory of Shanks and has replaced their Jolly Roger with the Straw hat Jolly Roger, which is the first time in the story that the Red Hair Crew has ever been in any type of conflict with the Strawhats.

Shanks calmly picks up a sake glass and says the following “ Hey Beck, isn’t it about we go claim it? … The One Piece? “


There has been a number of theories surrounding Shanks in the One Piece fandom stratosphere. About his intentions, his true character and his future actions. Is he the carefree, truly good character that we have seen in the 12 chapters he was shown?Is he a puppet-master that has orchestrated all of this from the beginning, molding Luffy to become the perfect steppingstone for him to claim the One Piece?

What is evident is that he is not the happy-go-lucky guy that we have always thought. The truth might lie somewhere in the middle, and we are all in the edge of our seats to find out!

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