Rocks Pirates - Crazy New Information - OP chapter 957

Rocks Pirates - Crazy New Information - OP chapter 957

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga, chapter 957, has been like a gift straight out of heaven for one piece fans. Oda has blessed us with so much information and has answered so many of our questions at the same time that it is safe to say that this chapter is a pure 10/10. While we can discuss many things from this chapter, the main topic that we will analyze today is all the information that we got for the legendary Rocks Pirates and their captain who came extremely close to becoming Pirate King before Roger!


While we knew some of Rock’s crew, like Big Mom and Kaido (also Saki was implied to be a member) , we never had any information about how this notorious crew actually came together. Sengoku informs us that the Rock’s crew was formed in the pirate island Beehive and what brought them together was a get-rich-quick scheme. They were a really violent crew with no true comradery always fighting and killing each other

 Rocks Pirates crew one piece


We all thought that having Kaido and Big Mom in a crew was enough to make them into a complete powerhouse of the sea, but their pirate lineup was actually out of this world, completely insane. It consisted of ALL THE YONKO EXCEPT SHANKS. Yes, you read that correctly Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido were all members of the Rocks Pirates. However, the total absurdness of this crew doesn’t stop there, some additional members were Shiki the golden lion, the pirate who wreaked havoc later in  history and had a legendary battle with Roger, Captain John, one of Moria’s zombie generals and a pirate who had amassed a huge treasure that was long sought after by Buggy and finally two notable pirates that we know nothing about Silver Axe and Wang Zhi.

 whitebeard kaido big mom rocks


Their captain Rocks, once upon a time a buccaneer, was a man who aimed to become Pirate King, a fitting goal for such a legendary pirate. He ran the crew like a terrorist organization and rampaged through the seas. In his journey, the notorious pirate managed to come across many of the stones of the world – or poneglyphs and thus the World Government couldn’t ignore him any longer. 

Rocks was Roger’s first and greatest enemy. He was a man strong enough to command three out of the four future yonko and like the King of Pirates, Rocks also carried the name of D, his full name being Rocks D. Xebec. Finally answering the obvious question and ending many theories, Sengoku tells us that Rocks is no longer of this world.

Rocks D Xebec

 God Valley Incident – How the mighty Rocks were Defeated

If the information above wasn’t enough this part will blow your minds!

With the whole world unable to ignore the Rocks Crew the fateful clash happened 38 years ago. The unstoppable advance of the evil called Rocks came to a stop by a Marine Vice Admiral, Monkey D Garp. However, this is not the whole story; there are two extremely interesting pieces of history that are missing from the story everyone knows.One piece young Garp               

Firstly, Garp fought against the Rocks crew in order to protect the Celestial Dragons and their slaves, something, that as Sengoku informs us, went against his principles. This piece of information is crucial because it lets us assume that Garp hates the Celestial Dragons so much that it is against his moral code to protect them, which obviously is abstraction of a core Marine duty... quite peculiar

garp celestial dragons.                             

Also, Rocks a man who has inherited the will of D, abandoned his true goal of becoming Pirate King and came after the world’s main power the Celestial Dragons – World Government seemingly out of the blue.Looking at this information we can deduce two things, firstly Rocks in his journey to become Pirate King came across many Poneglyphs and thus learned what happened in the void century, the hidden history of the world; the truth was so appalling that he could simply not forgive the Celestial Dragons for what they did to his ancestors.

rocks pirates one piece          .

This would be a more realistic reason for why he chose to attack them rather than just to crush them. Secondly, why would it be against Garp’s principles to protect the Celestial Dragons, considering that it is the duty of all Marines? Let me rephrase that, why would Monkey D. Garp be opposed to protecting the Celestial Dragons. This tiny bit of information leads us to believe that its extremely likely that Garp knows, what happened in the Void century and it’s so bad that the “Hero of the Marines” chooses to be against one of the organizations core reasons of existence, protecting the Celestial Dragons.

While we don’t know young Garp’s power level fighting alone against Rocks would literally be impossible, considering their members. And that’s the second piece of information the world doesn’t know about, Garp did not fight them alone, he had the help of a Pirate. You know where this is going don’t you?

 garp and roger    

He had the help of the future Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Let that sink in … Garp and Roger grouped up in what is likely the most epic fight in One Piece history defeated the Rocks Crew and killed their captain. So, we now know that the strange comradery and trust Garp and Roger always had didn’t just come from something so abstract as respect, these two had each other’s back fighting the strongest crew the world had ever seen, they truly trusted each other.

One piece pirate king garp gol d roger           

Finally, while we don’t know much about Roger it is implied in the whole manga that his character was very similar to Luffy’s , he wouldn’t make a move just to eradicate Rocks just for the fun of it. He must have seen him as a true enemy of the world, so much that he fought to protect Celestial Dragons and their slaves. The true question is why?

young roger one piece


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