One Piece Theory : Blackbeard is Rock's Son

One Piece Theory : Blackbeard is Rock's Son

The latest One Piece manga chapter, chapter 957, has left a huge impression to all One Piece fans over the world and we can all say with certainty that it is one of the best written one piece chapters of all time!

Oda bombarded us with a plethora of information, but there was one thing in particular that became apparent given all the clues that he has given us so far, Rocks is Blackbeard’s father.

Let’s make our case!

First of all, Blackbeard’s lair is the pirate island Beehive.

 One piece pirate island Beehive Rocks

This information didn’t mean much until chapter 957, where Sengoku informed us that Beehive was also Rock’s base of operations and the place where he firstly assembled his crew. While, this can be overlooked as a coincidence, Blackbeard could very well be occupying this island due to his father’s connection with it

Blackbeard’s main battleship the Saber of Xebec.

Saber of Xebec Blackbeard ship

As a yonko Blackbeard is the commander of a huge fleet, but naturally he has a main ship, Saber of Xebec. This name seemed random at first, considering that Saber is a type of cavalry sword and Xebec until chapter 957 was just a type of Mediterranean sailing ship.

Rocks D Xebec

However, we now know a critical detail that gives us a whole new perspective, Rock’s full name was Rocks D. Xebec. This piece of info isn’t common knowledge in the One Piece world, because the world government has wiped out all information relating Rocks from history. For this reason, only people directly related with Rocks, like his crew, Roger’s crew and a very limited number of old marines would know Rock’s true name. The only way Blackbeard has knowledge of Rock’s full name is if he is somehow directly related to him. Then the name of his ship, Saber of Xebec, would take a whole new meaning it would literally mean: The Sword of Xebec.

 One Piece Blackbeard

Considering that Blackbeard has displayed a similar hunger for world domination and terrorist approach to power acquisition as Rocks and the name of his ship – The Saber of Xebec –   Blackbeard’s goal to become Pirate King can very well be a continuation of his late father’s dream.

 Blackbeard’s Past

As we all know Blackbeard is 40 years old and grew up as an orphan. Rocks was killed 38 years ago. This would mean that Blackbeard was 2 years old when Rocks died and should Rocks have been his father, his death would leave the two-year-old Blackbeard on his own, which would be in line with the depiction of a poor kid Blackbeard that Oda released previously.

Blackbeard joined Whitebeard’s crew at age 16 and I would like to present a theory about why Whitebeard took him in.

Whitebeard vs Blackbeard

Rocks died at the God Valley Incident and he is the only casualty (that we know of) out of his entire crew. This indicates either that the crew left him behind and ran or at least that they failed to protect him. Knowing Whitebeards character, he is not the kind of man who would fail his captain in such a way and then live his life without regrets. Regrets that he remembered when he saw young Blackbeard for the first time. I believe that Whitebeard knew Blackbeard’s true identity, and this is precisely the reason he took him in. In line with his character he wanted to become Blackbeard’s father figure and give him a family because, in his mind he was the reason he was an orphan. Because, in his mind, he had failed Rocks.

Yami Yami no mi Theory

Blackbeard aspired to become Pirate King from a very young age and in order to do that he joined Whitebeard’s crew and searched for the Yami Yami no mi. He was obsessed with finding the fruit, so obsessed that he betrayed and murdered his crewmate in order to get it.

Rocks was a complete powerhouse. He was so strong that Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido followed him as a captain.

Rocks Pirates one piece

He was so strong that he forced Garp and Roger to team up in order to take him down. The mightiest marine and the king of pirates had to team up to take the man down.

I believe that Rocks was the first user of the Yami yami no mi. This would explain the level of his strength and why the whole world feared him and saw him as a threat. He had the scariest power of all, darkness.

This would firstly explain Blackbeard’s odd obsession with the Yami yami no mi and the extensive knowledge he had about its capabilities.

Blackbeard rocks son

Blackbeard and Ace

Blackbeard is the reason Ace died. Roger was the reason Rocks died.

Blackbeard vs Ace

Blackbeard’s involvement in Ace’s death would be extremely more meaningful if Rocks is his father. This would mean that he took revenge for his father’s death by defeating Ace (Roger’s son), a defeat that lead to his death.


Blackbeard wants to continue his father’s legacy and realize his dream. He is like the second coming of Rocks; he operates in the same ways; he occupies Beehive and his ship’s name is the Saber (Sword) of Xebec. He always had two goals: to acquire the Yami yami no mi and to become the Pirate King, like his father previously tried to. Oda has given us all the clues needed from very early on… Blackbeard is Rock’s son!

Blackbeard one piece


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