Finally Revealed the Bounties of the Pirate King and His Rival!

Finally Revealed the Bounties of the Pirate King and His Rival!

Gol D. Roger was a legendary pirate who was known as the Pirate King, captain of the Roger Pirates, and owner of the legendary treasure known as “One Piece”.

Gol D Roger one piece

Roger was famed as the man who did what no one thought possible – conquering the Grand Line and amassed a vast fortune. He was hailed as the most powerful pirate of all time whose fighting power was nearly unstoppable.

Gol D roger one Piece Shiki

The legend of the “King of Pirates” and his treasure “One Piece” gave start to the “Great Age of Pirates”, where many pirates sailed in search of its location or to follow in Roger’s footsteps.

Gol d Roger Execution One piece

All the men and women who had contact with Roger were ordered to be executed. In addition, the World Government issued an order to gather and quite possibly commit mass infanticide in order to purge any possible trace of Roger’s progeny. The only ones to survive were his lover Rouge, and his crewmates who went their separate ways after his death. Roger’s blood survived his death through his son Ace.

Ace one piece

In chapter 957 the bounty of Gol D. Roger is shown for the first time. His bounty was 5,564,800,000 Berries, making it the highest bounty in the whole series! No single bounty has ever surpassed his.

Gol D Roger Bounty

After his surrender and execution, the bounty was withdrawn. Roger’s will has been inherited and retransmitted by Whitebeard’s last words, which started the “New Age of Pirates”.

Gol d roger Whitebeard one piece

Whitebeard was known as “The Strongest Man in the World” and “The Man closest to One Piece” after Gol D. Roger’s death.

Whitebeard’s bounty is revealed for the first time in chapter 957. With his bounty of 5,046,000,000 Berries, Whitebeard had the second highest bounty in the whole series. Following his death, the bounty is no longer active. 

Whitebeard bounty


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